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Mar 3, 2014 9:00pm EST
point for natural gas and energy from russia to western europe, but it also has a large wheat growing area, and an agricultural center, and in the east it has coal. it has a very strong cultural advantage. >> it has heavy industry that is really a legacy from the soviet union, and from the integrated production networks that existed at that time. unlike hungary, poland, you do not see the reorientation of that infrastructure toward the west. there are more integrated, and more reliant on russian trade than many other countries in the region. that of course is part of the vulnerability we are seeing in terms of the threats russia is making to break down that trade. >> thank you. robert kahn is a senior fellow of counsel that foreign relations. we go from the sublime to even more sublime, or mr. best -- our mystery guest is in the building. ♪ >> this is taking stock on bloomberg. general motors exceeded analyst estimates for the february sales. well they did drop one percent, that was better than the forecast of an eight percent decline. the automaker is now led by a new chief executi
Feb 26, 2014 9:00pm EST
sources of energy. you will see fracking going on on steroids. we have to reduce the power of the russians that are behaving this way. the power comes to guns and gas. if we can reduce the dependence on their oil and gas, they will have less power and president cutin will not be that popular and the russian people might think there is a better way to go. >> does let them rip you to know that? >> i think he knows that and i think he is flexing his muscles to show that he still really powerful, in the military sense at least. basically, that system, depending upon guns and gas cannot survive in the long-term. they have got to reform their system so it is not state-owned, it is not a bunch of oligarchs and a bunch of corruption that infiltrates the entire economy. that is what is happening in the ukraine and not what happened in russia -- and that is what has happened in russia as well. >> thank you for joining me, the former senator, congressman, secretary of defense, william cohen. coverage continues from washington. this is "taking stock" on bloomberg. ♪ >> my next guest is a veteran of
Mar 4, 2014 5:00pm EST
profile high energy series. we are going to be working with our equity owners and we believe that we have the opportunity in the very near future to create what we think our high-profile signature programs. >> i know you are a veteran and industry. give us a little window into your past experience and i want to get some thoughts about your competitors particular google and youtube. >> i started my career in hbo in 1981 and i spent eight years there. in 1989, i left for showtime where i went into the marketing department, later running back group. -- that group. eventually being responsible for executive vice president for sports programming. also responsible later in my career for corporate strategy. >> you know what is going on in the business. what do you think about google and its youtube work? >> i think youtube is a great proposition. >> doesn't make money? -- does it make money? >> did cable make money in the first five years? i think they are trying to find what their way is going to be. the world of cable started out cableroadcasters moved to casters and is youtube is becomin
Feb 25, 2014 9:00pm EST
and it is much energy do it ahead of time then wait as they did last year when it hit in the middle of the year. they had to do a lot of dumb things like throw away people and cutting flying hours. >> i want to thank you gentlemen very much, larry korb and robert levinson. tomorrow i will be in washington as the defense summit. i will be interviewing former u.s. defense secretary william cohen. that is tomorrow at 5 p.m. eastern. the account #gselevator is revealed as a fake. he once bought 57,000 followers. this is "taking stock." ♪ >> the "new york times" has uncovered the identity of a twitter account that is said to be the internal identity of a goldman sachs employee. posting tweets on what was believed to have been overheard in the elevator banks at goldman sachs or the firm. the person behind this specific messaging account is a former bond executive who lives in texas. he has never worked at goldman sachs. the authenticity of twitter accounts and messages they spew out and the followers they have is a topic that is familiar to my next guest. chris dessi is the ceo of silverba
Feb 27, 2014 5:00pm EST
electricity at a lower energy density. they are later. -- later. -- lioghter. >> they cost a lot more. you can pick up the battery in your car for 100 and the dollars -- $150. the lithium-ion batteries in a tesla cost about $40,000. plan going to be built with a combination of public and private money? >> we do not know yet. there will certainly be some tax incentives involved. said that elon musk he would announce the state of the earnings call. he has not denounced yet. he is playing hardball. >> why do you think nevada is the place that will get it? at -- ou look >> they build the car in california. >> geographically, they are the winners. there are rail lines. >> the lithium is there. but there is a lithium mine in northern nevada. there are reserves in wyoming. that is good. lithium is a big cost. >> think about how exciting this is. maybe i have drunk the elon musk lay. -- kool-aid, it is going to be a huge factory. they will have the capacity to build more battery power than all the other lithium-ion factories in the world combined. >> how many automobiles do they want to sell
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)